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Toe Rings 

Toe rings are absolutly perfect for the summer time when visiting the beach, park or just roaming about in a cute pair of sandals or flipflops. They are an essential part of any holiday wardrobe and go great with any outfit! All of our toe rings are ideally suited to the index toe (thats the little piggy that stayed at home), however as they are all either elasticated or adjustable, they can suit any toe regardless of your dress size.

Please note that the majority of our toe rings are made from a plated nickle free metal alloy. This means that prolonged or multiple exposure to chlorine or sea water means that the plating can deteriorate over time. Please wash with clean fresh water after each use.

Buying Guide

Some concerns you may have when buying toe rings is not only which shoes to wear them with but also how to wear them! Everyones toes comes in different shapes and sizes, some prefer to reasr them at the base of the toe whilst others may prefer them half way. Another issue to be aware of is the tightness. Some times a toe ring can be too tight without you being aware, where as being too loose will cause them to move around or twist. This is why it is important to try a number of toe ring styles to see what you are most comfortable with and also the amount of time you intend to wear the toe ring for and the types of activities you are likely to be doing for the day. If you are doing a lot of city wondering with an ill fitting toe ring, you may find that they can start to rub your other toes. Unfortunatly these are only things you learn with experience.

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