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Adjustable Toe Rings 

All of the toe rings in this collection are adjustable. This means that unlike most fixed sized rings, these have a small gap at the back that allows the wearer to bend the ring to fit which ever toe the ring is to be worn on. This is helpful for everyone as the shape of the toe often does not allow for a fixed size.

This also helps the wearer as it keeps the toe ring in a fixed position, meaning that not only will it always look good, but it also reduces the chance of the toe ring moving out of place and potentially being quite annnoying or in some cases even painful!

Our toe rings are available in all colours! Our silver plated toe rings are popular with a pastel blue, pink or purple outfit as it tends to be much softer against skin tones. The gold plated toe rings and rose gold plated toe rings are ideal for a much more vibrant outfit! Something to catch the glisten of the sun.

We also have a wide range of crystal colours available in varying shades and metal combinations. Clear crystal toe rings are suitable for almost all warm weather occastions as they compliment any outfit. Black crystal toe rings have a similar classic effect meaning that they are so versatile to suit any outfit or occasion. Red crystal toe rings on the other hand are a hot and gorgeous colour! very sexy to complete that bikini body on the beach! Following from red is our warm orange and yellow crystal toe rings. These colours work very well when work together with a gold plated base as they are on the same end of the colour spectrum, they are very pleasing to the eye. We then have our blue crystal toe rings and green crystal toe rings for a much more cool and relaxed sea breeze aura. These colours tend to be more suited to a silver plated base, however when worn on gold, they become exciting jungle rainforest colours! Finally we have our Pink crystal toe rings and our purple crystal toe rings. These soft day time colours are ideal for shopping in the town and evening parties!

See also our range of elasticated toe rings.


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